Legal Professional Doctorate (JSD)

Our school gives those who seek to learn about the laws of the U.S. or become a Doctor of Law (rather than a professional lawyer) the opportunity to do so by offering all lectures and courses in Korean. The length of the course is an accelerated 2-year program, and those who complete the program receive their JSD.

This program shortens the 4-year law program (16 courses) into a 2-year program in which all lectures and courses are carried out in Korean. After the completion of this program, the student can become an Honorary Doctor of Law.

This program is similar to those commonly carried out in other universities, such as the accelerated MBA program, and it is an opportunity for the student to become a legal scholar after the successful completion of the courses offered in the entire program.

——-Admissions Procedure——-

1.Admission Subject

 -University Graduate

2.Submission of Application

 -Application Fee: Paid at the time of submission ($50)

 -Application Form received by contacting our school

 -Method of receipt: FAX, E-MAIL, or MAIL

3.Application for Admission Examination

 -1 week after examination, results reported by mail

 -Required documents sent by mail after confirmation of admission

4.Tuition Payment Method Selection

 -Lump Sum Payment: 10% discount $8,700×0.9=$7,830

 -Lump Sum Installment Payment: Paid four times per semester ($2,200 3 times) ($2,100 1 time)

5.Ph.D Course Content

1) All courses provided online (16 courses)

2) Selected lecture attendance every Friday & Saturday (lecture in Korean: 16 courses)

6. On-line Library Operation

 -Holds a collection of 50,000 volumes