Become a Medical Expert Witness and protect your clinic/hospital. Operate as a witness who is a professional witness in regards to medical litigation with the best guarantee of income.

A Medical Expert Witness can professionally protect a patient who has suffered negligence by a doctor or protect a doctor who has received coercive demands from a patient. In medical litigation, a statement by a Medical Expert Witness is considered and used as an important piece of evidence.

The entire program takes 3 months to complete.


1) Expert Witness Application and Online Course Application

2) Tuition paid at the time of application

3) Tuition: $3,600 (Lump Sum Payment 10% discount)

After the successful completion of the entire course, the student can become an Expert Witness and immediately apply as a Medical Expert Witness at the court. The Medical Expert Witness will be prepared to receive offers from both law firms and courts.