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IPSL Paralegal / LDA



Paralegal is a person who prepares all the documents related to law cases or an expert who has a license to process all documents related to cases in law. International Pacific School of Law has an online course to help your preparation to become a paralegal/LDA. With 4 months of intensive lectures and practical guidance from our school, you can be a licensed paralegal. 

Many companies need paralegals. From small offices to big corporations, including insurance companies and movie studios, and government offices, paralegal works are needed in various fields. Also, you can open your own business and work as long as you wish after acquiring LDA license. Paralegal and LDA can do almost all process in documents in the exception of a few cases that only attorneys can handle. Common laws paralegals practice are Immigration, Bankruptcy, Business, and Family law. 

Our paralegal and LDA combined course finishes in 4 months. When you finish the full course, prepare the related bond, and register at your state government office, you’ll receive the license for paralegal, LDA, notary public, and immigration consulting.


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